May 23, 2023

90s photoshoot - Houston, TX - May 2023

Model Pura Tran on Savage Seamless Backdrop in "Tulip"

One of my favorite things to do when I was a kid was talk on the phone. I was on that thing so much that my parents routed a personal landline number to my bedroom so their phone wasn't always tied up. Call waiting totally became a thing in the 90s, but it wasn't always guaranteed I answered. Whoops! Sorry Mom & Dad!

When I put out an exclusive creative model call on instagram, Pura reached out and said she was turning 32 this year and wanted to honor her inner 90s kid with this session. She showed up to the studio in Webster, TX on Saturday with all of the vibes - mom jeans, a flannel, and the slip on Vans. The subpar lighting in this studio also provided just the right amount of grain, and this color backdrop from Savage is so freaking fun! Shout out to Camera Exchange in Houston for that and all of my camera gear, I'm so glad y'all are in my city.

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