May 28, 2023

Breastfeeding Photo Session - Yesenia & Michael - Pleasure Pier Galveston, TX

Sand Dunes - Murdoch's - Galveston

We started here because it was dry, and I intended to get a few different vibes during this session and maximize the photos we both got out of our time together. Yesenia shared with me that this is her last baby and their nursing journey is coming to an end. My heart! Michael was a little hesitant to nurse because he didn't know me and what kid wants both a titty and a camera in their face? I can't imagine too many. I told her to just interact with him naturally as if I wasn't there because he was into the flowers and the sand and wanted to go see the water and I'd get everything in between. I love me some candid moments.

Blue Hour - Pleasure Pier - Galveston

We started the session around 7:20pm with a 50mm lens and we made it over to the water and played around with a 24mm until a little after 8pm. I love the contrast between golden & blue hour with the sand and the water... just ugh! My right brain was so happy editing these pictures. Michael ended up warming up to me and the water and totally stole the show and you can see all of that here in their full gallery. Slide on over to the contact page to email me to get any and all sunset and blue hour beach sessions done now that school is out!