June 5, 2023

Beach Goddess - Texas City, TX - Sasha Portillo

Exclusive Location

Sasha's husband came with her and he also does photography. I joked and was like, "Yo, you can't tell anybody about this spot because I do want to gate-keep it." One thing that sets photographers apart from others is their intention. Do they spend time styling you? Do they have their own locations they've spent time scouting? Do they have artistic vision? Direction? Integrity? He assured me he wasn't there to steal the location or the session, and took some time to get some really neat BTS photos of us bringing this creative vision of mine to life pictured below.

BTS Photos by: Kevin Portillo

We waited for the sun to go down & combed the beach for seaglass, bones, and hermit crabs for about an hour before starting and we finished up around 8:30 or so. Blue hour is definitely a whole vibe in itself and one of my favorite times to shoot. You can view the entire session here and if you're feeling inspired by these pictures, head on over to my contact page and get in touch with me about doing your own water session.