July 3, 2023

Candid Family Session - Murdoch's - Galveston, TX

I was scrolling on Facebook

one Sunday and saw an ISO post seeking a photographer willing to step in to do a family session in Galveston for a family in from Oklahoma on vacation. The thought of my photos being shared in another state was really neat, so I immediately responded and shared my work with the photographer. She had fallen ill and lived roughly 2 hours away according to our text thread, liked my work, and handed the session over to me.

I messaged back and forth with the mom, sent a vision board, confirmed location and time, and met them under Murdoch's near Pleasure Pier shortly after 7. I always plan to get to my locations before my clients, and while I was waiting for them to arrive, I realized the sun was still a little too high, there was an overwhelming amount of people still in the water, and there was an abundance of bums around the location... it could not have been a better time.

I went up to the seawall and met them, talked them through the timeline I had mapped out in my head, and led them down onto the beach and up to a dry sand dune with sunflowers and grass. From there we walked to the water, got in the water with everybody else, danced in the water, and loved every second of the sunset together while grandma watched nearby.

It's wild to know that a whole state away there is a family with photos of their daughter's first time at the beach taken by me in their home. Want your own candid family photos? Contact me here to set something up!