November 17, 2023

Arocho Wedding - A Houston Love Story

Roxy and I

became friends when I was dating one of her and Steve's friends and we started hanging out collectively and had "family dinner" weekly on Wednesdays. A fellow libra, somebody who shares a lot of feelings I do in regards to parenting, someone who understands a lot of my big feelings and sensitivities, it was hard to not gravitate to one another in friendship. I was so honored when Roxy asked me to stand in her wedding among mostly family members. Not only that, though, she's hired me numerous times for photos, I've done photos for her family members - she asked me if I'd want to take some shots of us in the bridal suite as we got ready. Absolutely. Yes.

Makeup by @nataliaartistry on IG

Hair by @theempathetichairdresser on IG

Makeup by @nataliaartistry on IG

I've stood in a few weddings, I've photographed a few, I've second shot a couple... this was by far one of the calmest wedding days. The vibe when we were getting ready was great, everybody was in good spirits, there was so much love in that building the entire day and you could feel it.

Florals by @ponderosablooms

Decor by @lifeofthepartyhtx & glassware by @decorbydulce

Rings by @jordanthejeweler

Photobooth by @bloomhtx_

Not only was it one of the calmest weddings, but it was one of the most beautiful I'll ever attend, ever. EVER. The contrast of vibrant colors against the classic white linens and the gold accents were top tier. (And the Houston accents, too. Where else will the wedding party welcome a newlywed couple to their reception dancing and singing along to UGK or send off the couple in a low rider?) Not only that, but Roxy was explaining the significance of the flowers she chose when we were finishing getting ready, the couch in the Photo Booth has a crazy backstory, and her engagement ring and their wedding rings have their own story, too. All of the thoughtfulness I've witnessed being their friend is soul-touching, truly.

Florals by @ponderosablooms

Their love is an example of why we should believe in it.

I'm so grateful for them, to have been a part of their wedding, to have the opportunity to document the bride's side of things, and for you guys reading this right now. Go check the full album here and see the perfection that was that day on Roxy's instagram linked here.