September 4, 2023

Surprise Pregnancy Announcement at the Love Lock Bridge, Houston

Sheighlah & Thomas

Were the first couple I took pictures of when I first started taking pictures with intent to grow my love for photography into a business. We met at Menil Park and I had just picked up a used 55-250mm lens from someone off Marketplace and I wanted to use it because it wasn't my kit lens. At first it wasn't connecting to the adapter on my camera body and I felt so panicked. They had their dogs with them... the trees had damn near no leaves on them... but we got some good stuff, given the circumstances. Photos of that session (November 27, 2021) below because we love a glow up.

First Couple's Session - Menil Park Houston

A True Timeline Moment

When Sheighlah messaged me in JULY and told me she was pregnant and wanted to take pictures in SEPTEMBER to announce her pregnancy, I was thrilled. But also... do you guys know how hard it is to keep a secret? Or to take these photos I'm about to show y'all but I couldn't post them?! Gah! It's not for the weak (or the enneagram sevens) or the overly excited. *sweats*

We went back and forth regarding outfits, hats, shoes, locations, and finally decided on the following: neutrals, solids, and boots... ya know, to keep the theme going.

I am always so grateful

when somebody chooses me to document moments that are special to them. I love being the one you can trust to execute the vision you have when thinking about the pictures you want on the walls in your home or your social medias. Thank you, thank you, thank you. If you'd like to work together you can email me at, go to my contact page and fill out my questionnaire, or follow me on instagram and shoot me a DM with your ideas!