August 7, 2023

Power Roast - local cold brew coffee - Webster, TX

Support Small Businesses - Local Cold Brew Coffee

I'm grateful to have a slew of friends who do their own things. At 31 years old, I can count on my hands more friends who have a side hustle they're monetizing than the ones who aren't, and my favorite is when someone does something they're super passionate about because it shines in their work/product.

Lexi owns and operates Power Roast LLC, a local cold brew company here in the Clear Lake/League City area serving small batch bottles and growlers that pack intense (clean) caffeine content that don't leave you feeling anxious or jittery.

This past weekend she hosted an in-person event in her workspace/storefront where we got to sample 3 flavors of cold brew and see behind-the-scenes of how it's made, give our input on the next flavor she rolls out, and learn about the company and her intentions as she grows within the community.

Click here to follow the Power Roast instagram page so you can stay up to date with new releases and become a part of her ordering process!