July 11, 2023

Editorial Boudoir Portraits - Kenady - Sanman Studio B

Word of Mouth

Is the number one way small businesses grow. The experience we receive as people is what is remembered and talked about within our inner circles - the good, the bad, the ugly. Kenady met me at Sanman and shared with me that she had never done a photoshoot before. "That's great because I've done many... and this studio set up is really dope so I'm sure we're gonna get some really great stuff." I walked her through the outfits we were going to be using and the combinations of clothes we were going to utilize. We had boots, a blazer, a body suit, a mesh top, black thong bottoms, some pink trousers, pink tulips, two backdrops, and 4 sitting situations. Like, wow - the possibilities were endless and I realized that quickly.

About the studio:

Sanman studios has 2 places you can rent, and in studio B, there is a black cyc wall, a white cyc wall, and a skylight that hits the white one. We started with all black on the black backdrop. You know, a little warm up. I talk about this in most of my posts, but harshly posed sessions are just not my cup of tea. In this situation though, posing was critical because we didn't have many props to play with & the space was minimal.

I had her get in the bodysuit after this, shoeless, to really engage with her femininity.

This is possibly my favorite photo I've ever done.

"I'm down for whatever"

When we were collaborating on ideas, she literally said "I trust whatever you want to do" and I had this whole concept saved as a board on my Pinterest. I sent it to her with the description, "assertive, sexy, editorial vibes" and emphasized natural makeup, black undies, and a clean bikini line and told her I'd handle the rest. We nailed 3 more concepts before our hour was up:

WAM BAM thank you ma'am!

This session was well thought out and executed flawlessly. It was also the first time somebody paid me and fully trusted me to create their session. I realized that THESE sessions are the ones that set my soul on fire. I've mentioned it before but I have a notebook FULL of ideas I want to bring to life, I'm just waiting on the stars to align perfectly with the people who see my vision, too. If that's YOU - holler at ya girl!